Varifold folding sailboat propellers have been successfully installed on Moody sailboats for many years. Bruntons Propellers have supplied varifolds during construction phase of these vessels and also as an after market ‘re-propping’ for customers who were not satisfied with the original propeller fitted on their Moody sailboat.

This review is from a Moody 64 sailboat fitted with a 4 blade varifold propeller (26 inch diameter and 20 inch pitch). The owner was switching from a MaxProp to a Varifold in order to reduce noise and vibration onboard the vessel.  The the Varifold propeller was fitted, the propeller met the required reduction in noise and vibration but also the owner received a speed increase as well. To see how varifold folding propellers could make a difference on your vessel request a no-obligation quote today.

Moody 64 with varifold

Dear david,

Please find below the sea trial results with the four blade varifold on the moody 64 in istanbul the hull was painted a month ago and the propeller was clean with no paint on it the engine is a yanmar rated at 230 hp and has been recently serviced the data given is for the engine rpm and gps speed speed over ground the engine doesn t rev higher than 3100 rpm the sea state was calm with 6 knots of wind the folding propeller was both smoother and quieter as you predicted most importantly the vibration which started at 2200 rpm we had with the max prop has gone!