A look at the latest Varifold Sailboat Propeller from Bruntons

As the US agent for Bruntons Propellers we have helped a great many sailors fit a beautifully designed Varifold folding propeller to their sailboats, helping them to sail smoother and quieter than ever before.  We thought that the design changes would be a refinement on an amazing design, however as the industry introduces new materials and concepts into hull design the propulsion system requirements do change. This leading edge approach is common for Bruntons Propellers and it what differentiates them from all the other sailboat propeller manufacturers without exception. How many other manufacturers could update their large sailboat propeller line to include a Titanium option in the normal development time of a regular propeller, even a 36″ diameter propeller!

Bruntons Propellers recently delivered what is thought to be the first four blade titanium folding propeller manufactured. Specifically designed for the latest Baltic Yachts launch, a Baltic 115 Custom, the 36” Varifold titanium propeller is between forty and 50 kilos lighter than a standard Varifold which equates to a typical weight saving of 35%, but loses nothing in terms of its performance, strength and durability.


The Baltic 115 Custom was designed from the outset to be both a comfortable cruising yacht and a high performance super yacht that will be very competitive racing: every aspect of the yachts design and build was carefully thought through to ensure that the lowest possible weight was the final outcome. The Varifold titanium propeller provided the opportunity to not only save weight but to allow further savings to be made with the rest of the propulsion package connected to it. Titanium is an excellent material from which to build a propeller providing a very high strength to weight ratio and excellent sea water corrosion resistance. David Sheppard, Products Manager at Bruntons says, “All our range of two, three and four blade Varifolds will now be available in titanium giving any racing sailing yacht an additional competitive edge.”

Bruntons Propellers are often asked to design and manufacture propellers or complete propulsion systems for sailboats where the currently available options just will not do. The company is one of the world’s most knowledgeable propeller manufacturers with over one hundred years’ experience designing and manufacturing propellers for naval, leisure and commercial craft often having, as with the Baltic 115, highly advanced or unique requirements.

Any customers in the USA considering this option for their racing sailboat should contact Dr. Roderick Sampson at King Propulsion on 1-(757) 962-9219 for more details, pricing and availability.