One of the more iconic images we use on our publicity photos was taken on a sailing catamaran with 2 people waterskiing behind it. The boat was under power and was able to generate sufficient forward speed to make a waterski tow possible.

Waterskiing behind a Matrix Silhouette catamaranThe boat was a Silhouette 760 Catamaran by Matrix Yachts of South Africa.  Bruntons Propellers were asked to re-power the boat with Varifold folding sailboat propellers.  The boat was fitted with twin 240 hp Yanmar 4LHA-STP engines and was fitted with 4 blade 26” diameter and 22.5 inch pitch propellers.

The trials were measured by using GPS in 3 foot seas with a 5 knot wind.  The propellers ran smoothly through their operational range and no cavitation was experienced even at the top speed of 13 knots, resulting in an extremely happy customer!

plot - sea trials matrix