With the Spring sailing season and the good, er better, weather finally here it was time for this years Annapolis Spring Boat show.  Vendors and sail enthusiasts flocked to Annapolis for the show.  It is the baby brother of the Fall boat show but there was still the same buzz from over 80 vendors and a harbor you can walk across using the docked sailboats.  The show lasted 3 days, a Friday thru Sunday with varying levels of weather.  I would have to say a little brisk at times, but that is what makes Annapolis such a good sailing destination!

On the stand I had out a range of Varifold Propellers including a 2 blade sail drive, a 17″ 3 blade and a rather large 23″ 4 blade propeller. The 4 blade propeller was a particular draw especially to those sailors only accustomed to a fixed pitch propeller or the early folders from 20 years ago. The open and close on these designs is reliable and effortless and people really got a feel for that.

Aside the design I guess the biggest comment was that we sold and supported Varifold stateside. Parts and service just a phone call and a USPS shipment away was a welcome surprise for many. We had some cool neighbors at the show, Skabenga Lures who design and make cool lures for fishing from a sailboat while under sail and Dreamboat Interiors who can outfit your vessel with amazing beauty. It is funny we all bonded over the weather, helping out when the wind took out our displays – very sailor like!

King Propulsion Annapolis 2015

King Propulsion was proud to take part in this years show.  We now consider ourselves seasoned in the art of boat shows.  I say this as we packed chairs for this show, a huge improvement on Strictly Sail Miami where we stood for 5 days! Our next show, well hopefully Annapolis in the fall, we shall have to see!


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