J-Class now uses Varifold Propellers

It is probably safe to say that no racer-cruiser in the annals of fiberglass sailboat production elevated the self-esteem of sailors as dramatically as the J/35 J-Class sailboat. When it was introduced in the spring of 1983, The J-CLass was the closest thing ever seen to instant gratification in an offshore handicap racer and one-design. If it is an exaggeration to say that new owners stepped aboard, raised the sails and began winning races, it is a small one. The J/35’s dazzling performance was accessible to sailors of varying experience and ability was its pure hull form, a sweet easily driven shape free of the rating rules.

J-35 J-Class boatContinuing this tradition Bruntons Propeller is pleased to announce that the J35 Class Association has approved all of the 2 blade Varifold Folding Sailboat propellers for use in the J-CLass J35 class races. The propeller offers the very best in modern sailboat propeller design. It uses a conventional propeller blade shape with proper helical pitch distribution, which are gear together. There is a 15% reduction in pitch towards blade tips, to help reduce noise and vibration. The propeller hub is stream-lined, with the blades neatly tucked behind this profile. The skewed blade shape ensures maximum thrust is delivered with minimum noise and vibration.  For racing it represents the state of the art in low drag propellers and can increase sailing speeds by unto one knot! More details of the propellers are given on our Varifold Sailboat Propeller Page.

J35 varifold propeller

Owners of the J-Class boats are eligible for dealer incentives on Varifold folding sailboat propellers when purchased for the class. Please contact us for further details at (757) 962-9219 or e-mail info@kingpropulsion.com to find out more information about the Varifold folding sailboat propeller range. If you are ready to ask for a quotation, the information form can be found here.