It may seem counterintuitive, but down time on you sailboat when it is laid-up can be very damaging to its health. This is true either in the tropical climate of Florida or in the not so tropical winters of Michigan. Periods of inactivity can accelerate damage from the most unlikely of sources. Condensation can collect and freeze in pipes or rust internal engine compartment, mildew will creep into any space given the chance and corrosion is just an ever present evil. Take the time over the lay-up period, be it winter or summer to do the maintenance that is required. There is nothing worse, come the big launch day to find the seacocks are jammed open or the engine is out of commission, with a hefty bill to boot.

Therefore your sailboats stay on the hard should be as smooth and harmonious as possible. This check list should serve as an aide memoire of some of the tasks that should be completed. Some are best performed yearly, others not so. Forming a plan and getting through it is vital for a trouble free splash when the boat goes back in so that the fun can continue again. Remember, the most important tool at this time is a pencil! Use this list as a starting point, edit it and make it your own. Click on the image below to get started (no email required!!!).