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King Propulsion is the US Agent for Bruntons Propellers.  On this blog you will find tips and techniques on our products:

    • Autoprop self feathering sailboat propellers
    • Varifold folding sailboat propellers
    • SigmaDrive shaft couplings


Contact Details

King Propulsion LLC
19441 Golf Vista PLZ, STE 360
Lansdowne VA 20176

(757) 962-9219 (main number)
(757) 739-2050 (mobile)

Email: info@kingpropulsion.com

About us

King Propulsion is based in Leesburg VA, with additional offices in Virginia Beach VA.

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Servicing an Autoprop in the USA – No Problem!

Servicing an Autoprop feathering sailboat propeller in the USA couldn't be easier. King Propulsion is the US agent for Bruntons Propellers and offers full...
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