Servicing an Autoprop Sailboat Propeller

With today’s economy it is not always possible to build out a boat with the equipment of your dreams.  This is especially true for sailboat propellers which give benefits under sail. But if an owner has a fixed pitch propeller, justifying the cost increase of 3 to 5 times that of a fixed to make a speed and comfort increase is often too much.  A great option is to source an purchase a used sailboat propeller.  This is not without challenge as it has been matched to a particular boat in terms of pitch, diameter and shaft bore. However help is on hand.  If you are considering this avenue and purchase a pre-owned Varifold or Autoprop propeller you can contact King Propulsion on (757) 962-9219 and we will give you the history of the propeller and let you know if it will be a good fit both mechanically and hydrodynamically to your boat.  Once this has been established we would recommend a good clean of the propeller, and a possible re-build with one of our bearing kits. Also if the propeller did not come with a nut we can machine one for you.

The Sailboat Propeller

To show how straight forward a propeller rebuild is, King Propulsion purchased an Autoprop from Ebay to show customers how to do the rebuild.  The propeller was from a CM440 sailboat and was an Autoprop H6 design, serial number AP7355.

autroprop serial number

The propeller had been painted blue with ablative paint and given that all the grease ports had been painted, the maintenance was lacking. Most people think that this is a daunting process, and for some it may well be.  However with guidance from us, the right tool and some bruit force you will be able to strip down and rebuild an Autoprop propeller in about two hours.

autoprop with paint

Using the tools supplied by Bruntons Propellers and the bearing service kit for the H6 King Propulsion will, over the next 6 weeks blog and post to YouTube the progress on cleaning and rebuilding the propeller to get it back to its former glory. To follow this please check out our blog at It should be a fun project!

CatalinaMorgan 440