Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show 2016

Varifold folding sailboat propellers have always been a leader in the propeller sailboat market for an effective choice of propulsion that helps racing and cruising sailors when under sail and under power.  The propeller opens effortlessly when under power folds neatly away without fuss when under sail.  The latter can give giving skippers up to a knot extra speed.  This amazing propeller is only part of the portfolio supplied by Bruntons Propellers and King Propulsion is pleased to announce that at the Annapolis Spring Boat Show 2016, they will be exhibiting the full range of Bruntons Sailboat Propeller Products.

The self pitching Autoprop sailboat propeller will join the range of Bruntons propellers this year.  This motor / cruiser propeller has a unique niche in the sailboat propeller market and really excels as a feathering / self pitching propeller where the more conventional flat blade feathering propellers cannot.  Autoprop sailboat propellers bring performance enhancements to the feathering style propeller such as pitch distribution which increases performance and reduced noise. It has a unique method of operation that has been proving its worth for over 21 years in service.

In addition to the propellers Bruntons turned their attention to an often overlooked aspect of the propulsion market and that is the shaft couplings, often the cause of much noise and vibration.  This NiBrAl machined coupling is not only gorgeous to look at, it is also deadly effective.  Breaking the tradition of CV joints that wear and need replacing or hard plastic disks the SigmaDrive uses an innovative bearing system to kill onboard noise

Be sure to experience the boat show this year and visit King Propulsion, the Bruntons Propellers US agent at stand #C12.  The show continues to grow every year, dominating the inner harbor at Annapolis and this year will be bigger than ever.

See you there!